VALE John Dengate

The unforgettable and irreplaceable John Dengate sadly left us for the great gig in the sky on the 1st August 2013.
His lovely funeral took place on Thursday 8 August 2013 at the Northern Suburbs Crematorium, North Ryde.
A wake was held afterwards in Glebe at the Friend In Hand Hotel. A number of memorial concerts and sessions were also arranged.
You will find links to media from these events under the Videos + Photos section.

Below you will find links to eulogies, poems and songs in tribute to John.

‘The One To Leave’ – A poem for John by Doug Jenner
Martin Doherty’s song for John ‘Farewell Mr Dengate’

Eulogies from the John Dengate Memorial Service
– MC David Iverach, Dale & Sean Dengate, Chris Woodland, August 2013

Paean for John Dengate
 – John Warner, September 2013
We Won’t See His Like
– John Warner, September 2013
Gone is the Seannachie
– John + Jenni Cole Warner, August 2013
‘John Dengate: National Treasure’ – by Sandra Nixon of the NSW Folk Federation & The Bush Music Club
‘The Legend of John Dengate’ – By Cj Shaw of ‘Timber & Steel’
‘John Dengate: A Rich Life’ – By Tony Smith of ‘The Cud’
‘Lawson Heir Left Mark On Folklore’ – By Warren Fahey

The Bush Music Club Tributes & Stories
Sydney Morning Herald Tributes
Shoestring Records Tributes
The Mudcat Cafe Tributes
Glebe Society Tribute

Check out the Videos + Photos section for media from the Wake and Memorial Concerts.


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