About This Page


Here you will find a collection of links to the huge amount of work left to us by the late, great John Dengate, along with videos, photos, articles and memories of John.

Available sections:
About John Dengate
VALE John Dengate
Audio + Music
Lyrics + Poems
Videos + Photos
Drawings + Artworks
Articles + Interviews
Memorials + Concerts
About This Page

You can also, Submit Content – do you have a recording, video or photo of John, song lyrics or poem written by John or anything else to add to the collection? – email it to Leyne.

This website is a work in progress, I will be editing regularly to add more links as time permits.

Thanks for stopping by, and for sharing a love of John and his work.

Leyne Elbourne
John Dengate friend & fan since I was 5 years old (1986)

I’d like to share a massive thanks to Dale Dengate for sharing words, stories and documents for this website. Another huge thank you goes to Sandra Nixon of the Bush Music Club for all her amazing work collecting, publishing and archiving works of and about John Dengate.

If you would like to add or remove anything, please contact me via email on: ccmotions@gmail.com

NB: All content linked to or posted remains the copyright of the original writer/owner.

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