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4th Annual John Dengate Memorial Get Together – Friend In Hand, August 2017

3rd Annual John Dengate Memorial Get Together – Friend In Hand, August 2016

2nd Annual John Dengate Memorial Get Together – Gaelic Club, August 2015

John Dengate Memorial Get Together – Gaelic Club, August 2014
John Dengate Tribute Concert
 – Cobargo Folk Festival, 2014

BMC John Dengate Memorial Concert – November 2013
John Dengate Loaded Dog Memorial Concert – October 2013
John Dengate Wake – August 2013
John Dengate Receives Lifetime Membership to the Folk Federation of NSW

John Dengate Performance at The Loaded Dog – Annandale,  July 2011

John Dengate Performance of ‘Bare Legged Kate’ – The Loaded Dog 20th Birthday, 2010

John Dengate reciting ‘Lanes of Woolloomooloo’ – The Illawarra Folk Festival, Bulli 2009
World premiere of ‘Away, you shaky Turnbull’ & ‘Stimulus Package
‘ – The Loaded Dog, Annandale 2009

‘Story of a family’ – John Dengate
Workshop by John Dengate at the National Folk Festival (Canberra, Australia) April 2001.
A collection of songs, poems and stories based on the lives and experiences of his own ancestors, covering the period from the 1830s to the present.
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Bush Music Club John Dengate Photos

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The Bush Music Club
The Loaded Dog Folk Club
Bush Traditions


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4 responses

  1. "Tom Henry" Tomas de Bhaldraithe | Reply

    Many thanks Leyne for this tribute to John he will be missed by all who ever met him,sang with him,or spent some time in his company.Ní bheidh a leithéid arís ann..his like will never be seen again.File,scéalaí agus amhránaí….a poet, storyteller and singer who sang for the downtrodden and the dispossessed of Australia.

    1. Thanks for checking it out Tom Henry!

      Hope to see you on the Sunday 24th at Gaelic Club for a get together – info here:

  2. Is that our Tom Henry from the Glen Garry

    1. it is indeed. his email is posted with his comment, you should say hello 🙂

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