Lyrics + Poems

Songs & Poems written by John Dengate

Liberal Leadership (1971)

In Queensland’s Wide Spaces

The Queen’s Visit (1962)

My Old Father’s Name


Mr Murdoch’s Song (2011)

Terrorist Song  (2003)

Song Of The Sheetmetal Worker

Away, you shaky Turnbull

Bare Legged Kate posted by Bob Bolton 24 Sep 04

Bill from Erskineville posted by Bob Bolton 18 Mar 05  with chords

Bill from Erskineville – with reminiscence from John

Carbon Tax Song

I Can’t Abide – posted by Bob Bolton

I Can’t Abide


I’m a Rambo posted by Freda Underhill 01 Jun 06

It’s A Long Way To Cunnamulla posted by Bob Bolton 12 Dec 13

Johnny Howard’s March

Lanes of Woolloomooloo

Privatising Power

Randwick Races – Tune: Galway Races – posted by Bob Bolton  10 Aug 11

Rectal Bleeding Calypso – Words & Music : John Dengate

Recession Package

Stimulus Song

Sporting Suicide posted by Bob Bolton 09 Jul 05

Take Your Bulldozers Away

Take Your Bulldozers Away – 12th song on list, sung by choir

The Answer’s Ireland

The Industrial Relations Laws

The Mad Monk

The Refugee’s Revenge – Tune: Bread of Heaven Cwm Rhondda  posted 20 Apr 04

Train to Lidcombe – Tune: Garden Where the Praties Grow/ Paddy’s Sick Note – posted by Bob Bolton, 09 Jul 06


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