Lyrics + Poems

Please see links below to lyrics and poems written by John Dengate.
There are many more to be added – this is a growing list.
If you have any links or lyrics you can provide, please email Leyne on

Alan Scott, ValePoem written in 1995.
Answer’s Ireland, The
Australian MadeSong written 2009
Away, You Shaky TurnbullSong written 2009 – Tune: ‘Shanandoah’
Bare Legged KateSong written for Kathleen Mary Kelly (John’s mother), born Gundagai, NSW, 1914. With notes by Bob Bolton 24/09/04
Bill from ErskinevilleSong written 1972/73. Posted by Bob Bolton with chords, 18/3/05
Bill from ErskinevilleSong written 1972/73. With reminiscence from John
Carbon Tax SongSong written 2011. Tune: Dublin trad ‘Toora-loora-looraloo / They’re Looking For Monkeys Up In The Zoo’
Chris Kempster, A Poem ForPoem for Chris Kempster, written in 2004.
Convict Saw-Pits, EppingPoem written 1977.
HMAS Melbourne MedleyTranscribed by Ralph Pride
Henry Lawson’s 100thSong written 1967. Tune: ‘Garten Mother’s Lullaby’.
I Can’t AbideSong written 1998. Tune: ‘Abide With Me’
I’m a RamboTune: ‘I’m A Rambler’ – posted by Freda Underhill 01/06/06
In Queensland’s Wide SpacesTune: ‘Molly Malone / Cockles & Mussels’
Industrial Relations Laws, TheWritten 2006. Tune: variant of ‘Flash Jack from Gundagai’
Integrate!Song written 2006.
It’s A Long Way To Cunnamulla (part of the QLD Medley)Tune: ‘It’s a Long Way to Tipperary’ / ‘Pack up Your Troubles’ – posted by Bob Bolton 1/12/13
Judith Wright, ToPoem written 1974
Johnny Howard’s MarchSong written 2003. Tune: ‘Paddy Mc Ginty’s Goat’
Lanes of Woolloomooloo
Liberal LeadershipWritten 1971.
Mad Monk, TheSong written 2010. Tune: ‘Vilikins and His Dinah / Dinky Di / Sweet Betsy from Pike’
Mr Murdoch’s SongSong written 2011. Tune: ‘The Wearing of the Green’
My Old Father’s Name
Poker Machine Song, The
Pommie Conspiracy, The – The Ballad of Dengate & O’KeefePoem written 2012. Penned after John and Dennis conversed on the phone about Dennis’ prognosis
Privatising PowerSong written 2008. Tune: ‘Bread of Heaven’ / ‘Cwm Rhondda’
QLD Medley / Farewell to JohTune: ‘Brisbane Ladies’ / ‘Augathella Station’
Queen’s Visit, TheWritten 1962.
Randwick RacesTune: ‘Galway Races’ – posted by Bob Bolton 10/08/11
Recession Package
Recession SongSong written 2009. Tune: ‘Bread of Heaven’
Rectal Bleeding Calypso
Refugee’s Revenge, TheTune: ‘Bread of Heaven’ / ‘Cwm Rhondda’ – posted by Jenny O 20/04/04
Song Of The Sheetmetal Worker
Sporting SuicideTune: ‘Go To Sea No More’ – posted by Bob Bolton 09/07/05
Spring In GlebeWritten 2012
Stimulus PackageSong written 2010. Tune: ‘Fiddlers’ Green’
Take Your Bulldozers Away
Terrorist SongSong written 2003. Tune: ‘Knickerbocker Line’
Train to LidcombeTune: ‘Garden Where the Praties Grow’ / ‘Paddy’s Sick Note’ – posted by Bob Bolton, 09/07/06
  • Visit the Bush Music Club website for more Songs & Poems of John Dengate, compiled by Sandra Nixon and Chris Woodland. This is a consolidated list with notes and scanned copies of some JD originals.

If you have lyrics you would like to add, please post in comments or email Leyne

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