Memorials + Concerts

Many memorial concerts, get-togethers and tribute shows have been held in John’s honour.
In this section you will find links to information, photos and videos from these events.


The John Dengate Get Together
Hosted by Dale Dengate and MCd by Max Elbourne, this event is held on the last Sunday of August.
Get more info here.

The John + Dale Dengate Parody Competition
Launched in early 2014, the John + Dale Dengate Parody Competition is held each year at the Illawarra Folk Festival. Get more info here.

The John Dengate Political Songwriting Competition
Held annually at the Gulgong Folk Festival, the John Dengate Political Songwriting Competition started in 2017. Get more info here.

John Dengate Memorial Concert – Illawarra Folk Festival, January 2014
John Dengate Tribute Concert – Cobargo Folk Festival, 2014
BMC John Dengate Memorial Concert – November 2013
John Dengate Loaded Dog Memorial Concert – October 2013
John Dengate Wake – August 2013

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