BMC Memorial Concert – November 2013



The first BMC Memorial Concert for John Dengate took place on
Sunday 24 November 2013 at the Addison Road Centre, Marrickville.

             Visit the Bush Music Club’s blog about the event here.

Check out the videos from the day via the below link. Thank you to Ray Gurney for filming the proceedings.

visit the playlist of videos on YouTube

Videos include:
Chris Woodland Intro to BMC John Dengate Memorial Concert
Dale Dengate & Friends ‘Little Fishies’
Miguel Heatwole
The Roweth Family
Ralph Pride
Peter Cahill
Chris Woodland reads ‘Prince Charlie’
BMC Band
Chris Maltby ‘Terrorist Song’ & ‘Song of Childhood’
Tony Smith
CJ Shaw ‘Pete From Pitt St’ & ‘Train To Guilford’
Jamie Carlin – stories of John
Greg Quinn
Max Elbourne’s story of ‘The Foxtel Song’
Max Elbourne , Jason Roweth & Lachlan Dengate ‘Poker Machine Song’,
‘Poor Ned’ and ‘The Sheltered Workshop’



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