Wake at Friend In Hand Hotel – August 2013

A rousing wake was held on Thursday 8 August 2013 after the funeral. It took place in Glebe at the Friend In Hand Hotel.

A great amount of videos were shot during throughout the wake of friends, family and fans paying tribute with songs, poems and stories.

Please visit the YouTube playlist of Videos from the John Dengate Wake*

Videos that are on the playlist
– ‘Song Of The Sheetmetal Worker’ – performed by Triantan (Miguel Heatwole, Judy Pinder, Anthony Woolcott)
– ‘The 5603’ – Brian Dunnett
– Peter Jenner reading Doug Jenner’s Poem for John Dengate ”The One to Leave ‘
– ‘Minstrel Boy’ performed by Jenny Watson
– Letter from Keith McKenry
– ‘Pete From Pitt St’ rewriting of John’s ‘Bill from Erskineville’ performed by CJ Shaw
– ‘The TAB Punters’ Song’ performed by Dennis O’Keeffe
– ‘Travelling Down the Castlereagh’ performed by Alex Hood
– Jason Roweth Stories of John
– ‘If I Had Been Tony Blair’s Mother’ performed by Peter Mace
– ‘The Answer’s Ireland’ performed by Miguel Heatwole
– Raffle Story from Comrade SirBigRuss Hannah- John Dengate Wake
– Cricket vs Baseball Story by Dennis O’Keeffe
– ‘It’s A Long Way To Cunnamulla’ performed by Miguel Heatwole & friends
– ‘Newry Town’ performed by Max Elbourne & friends
– ‘Max’s Sheltered Workshop’ performed by Max Elbourne & friends
– Signwriter vs Teacher Story – Lachlan Dengate & Max Elbourne
– ‘Silver Spray Under The Awning’ performed by Max Elbourne
– ‘Mr Howard’ performed by Miguel Heatwole 
– ‘The Hat Ned Kelly Wore’ – performed by Dennis O’Keeffe 
– ‘Beneath the Southern Cross’ sung by Dennis O’Keeffe & Friends
– ‘Poem For Funeral’ performed by Brian Bell

*If you have any further videos from the wake and want to add them to the playlist, please let me know via email on: ccmotions@gmail.com


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